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Get to Know Millie

My Path To Mindfulness & Somatic Coaching

September 2013

My husband and I moved to Miami, Florida with our three sons to start a new life and my journey to become a Life and Mindfulness Coach started at that moment.

Arriving in Miami, I wanted to find my meaning—who was I, outside of a wife and mother?

February 2014

I flew to Los Angeles to participate in The Awakening Heart Seminar held by Insight Seminars Worldwide. I became more and more curious about myself, and I was determined that nothing would stop me from reaching my goal. I didn’t yet know what it was, but I knew that a new journey in my life was taking place.

October 2014

I met Ralph Steele—a former monk in Thailand and Myanmar—sparking my journey towards Mindfulness.  As the author of Tending the Fire Through War and The Path of Meditation and founder of Life Transition Therapy, Inc., his mission is to illuminate and heal the root beliefs that lead to social injustice by using various meditation techniques to cultivate awareness and compassion. 

I participated in a 12-day retreat at Ralph Steele’s multi-disciplinary trauma-healing center. All I knew was that I was going to a safe place—one where I would be surrounded by healing, love, and compassion.  Each day, Ralph and I were face-to-face, but we did very little talking.  Instead, we focused on my breathing, allowing me to come to insights about myself. For the first time, I was connected deeply with myself going back to places that have been shut down for too long. I was discovering who I was.


What Mindfulness Has Done for Me?

Mindfulness meditation became the transformational tool through which I was able to change my life.  Not a day has gone by that I have not practiced mindfulness meditation.  It is because of this habitual devotion to reflection, contemplation, and learning my behavioral patterns that I have come to know myself more intimately, examine the purpose and effects of my thoughts and actions, and discover the significance of and links between seemingly isolated experiences. 


  • Mindfulness Meditation with Ralph Steele

  • Mindfulness Coaching School with Ann Marie McKelvey where I have obtained certifications in the Art of Engaged Mindfulness, Leadership Qualities to Live and Coach By, EMDR, Positive Psychology and Coaching and Co-Active Communication

  • iPEC Excellence Coach training where I became a Certified Professional Coach(CPC) and a iPEC-certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

  • Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP) Professional training in Berkeley California with Raja Selvam PhD.

I also have completed courses in integrative approaches to psychology, daily oracles cards, numerology, transcendental meditation Dharmi meditation. 

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