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What Is Mindfulness?

Unleash Your Strength

In life and mindfulness coaching, you will unleash your inner potential to create and experience the life that you truly desire.  Everything that you want can be found within yourself, but, to actualize it into reality, you must change the way that you look at your life. 

Together, we will take the necessary steps to focus on what you truly desire by recognizing and breaking through what is holding you back from manifesting success. By conquering the gremlins, assumptions, interpretations, and limiting beliefs that are creating energy blocks, we will be able to define your values and motivations to reach your full potential.


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist practice, which has profound relevance for our present-day lives. Mindfulness means paying attention in the present moment and nonjudgmentally. This kind of attention nurtures greater awareness, clarity, and acceptance of the present moment.

Why practice mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a transformational tool that will allow you to be fully present in your life. If we are not fully present, we may not only miss what is most valuable in our lives, but also fail to realize the richness and the depth of our possibilities for growth and transformation.

Is mindfulness the same as meditation?

Mindfulness is a mental state of openness, awareness, and focus.  There is a common misconception that mindfulness and meditation are synonymous, and, while meditation is an incredibly important part of mindfulness, it is just one tool of hundreds that you can learn to cultivate this state.  In our coaching, I will evaluate your needs and where you are at in your life, to determine which of these tools will best serve you on your journey.

How will mindfulness help me?

Mindfulness is profound way us to connect with ourselves and appreciate the fullness of each moment of life.   By becoming more mindful, you will transform your relationships with your significant other, your children, your family, your friends, the environment, and the community.  Most importantly, you will change your relationship with yourself, improving your self-knowledge and helping you learn more about how you think, feel, and react.


What happens in mindfulness coaching?

To help you find this mindfulness, I create a safe and comfortable environment in which you will become aware of your body, speech, and mind, so that you can manifest the changes that you want to see in your life.

How many sessions does mindfulness coaching usually involve?

Our journey will take place over the course of 6 to 24 sessions, depending on your needs.  Through coaching sessions spread over a period of three to six months, I will give you the tools to help you to navigate your life with confidence and trust, whatever your circumstances may be.  Coaching is a place for you to grow.  Each challenge you encounter is simply an opportunity to grow and to transform your life.

Can we work together if I do not live in Miami?

I work with clients from all over the world.  If you are located outside of Miami, our sessions can be conducted by phone, Skype, or FaceTime, depending on your preference.

Meditation by the sea

Relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind.


What is Certified Integral Somatic Psychotherapy Professional Training?

This included 72 hours of a three-part certificate completion in advanced somatic experiencing trauma treatment. This training increases efficiency through greater awareness and embodiment of all the gross and subtle bodies that are contained in the absolute collective body of pure awareness. It focused on how the interaction of these bodies creates our experience, how difficult experiences dysregulate and disarm them; and how they can be brought into better relationship with each other becoming regulated and balance, while psychological work takes place with the client. Raja Selvam, PhD, PhD, is a senior trainer in Peter Levine's, PhD Somatic Experiencing professional training program and the developer of ISP.

Using Integral Somatic Psychology™ (ISP™) in my coaching practice will help you:

1. To work more effectively with emotions and other psychological 
experiences in the body.

2. To ensure better outcomes in attachment work through the body.

3. To become more efficient in resolving symptoms of stress and trauma.

4. To help you to connect and work with your ultimate resource for healing: consciousness.

5. To identify and overcome common dysfunctional patterns in awareness and attitudes that block healing.

6. To use a variety of tools such as intent, imagination, breath, sound, movement, self-touch and other-touch in addition to awareness to overcome the limitations of awareness as a tool and to quicken the physiological, psychological, and energetic processes and outcomes in you.

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