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Transformative intensive workshop in Miami. Oct.14th, 2017.

Embodying The Playfulness of Life

Saturday, October 14th 2017

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Cost: $60.00

Where: The House of Movement | 300.200.5911

*Clients must reserve their spot two weeks prior to the workshop. Deadline to purchase: Oct.1.2017 *

In this Three-Hour Intensive Therapy you will learn to view your body or temple with greater efficiency. We will cultivate a path to awakening through insight and concentration practice with our intention focused on the inner dance of self regulation. You will gain an understanding of how to sweep discomfort out and bring playful awareness in. You will learn how to make peace with mental patterns, feelings and physical sensations. With the help of a meditation on death you will deeply tune into the impermanent nature of the body and the preciousness of existence on all planes. There will be reflection on our conditioning, on patterns and rules, that govern our day to day lives, based on the wisdom of the Nobel Truths. You will discover that the system of the Noble Truths offers us tools that enable us to become our own physicians, correctly diagnosing and treating what ails us, the ultimate form of independence and freedom. Thus, as a community practicing in silence, walking, sitting, working, and chanting we will become able to embody playfulness more fully in our lives.

Meet Ralph Steele

Ralph has been in private practice since 1979, as a marriage, family and individual therapist his speciality is treating complex trauma. He is certified as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and in Integral Somatic Psychology, after training with the founder, Raja Selvam, Ph.D.,Ph.D., for six years. Ralph now assists Dr. Selvam in advanced trainings. He founded the first Elizabeth Kübler-Ross Hospice training program at Northern New Mexico College and created Life Transition Therapy thirty years ago, a meditation based trauma center. He has been teaching Vipassana Meditation since 1987. His first book, Tending the Fire, an autobiography, explores his year as a Buddhist monk in Thailand and Myanmar.

For more informations and to subscribe to this event please email me.

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